Position: Operations Manager (full-time)

Position Requirements: An entrepreneurial mindset, ability to work creatively, think outside the box, and deal with curveballs will all be considered a plus. A positive attitude, excellent communication skills and detailed oriented outlook important.

Must possess excellent interpersonal skills and working knowledge of basic business concepts. Basic computer skills required (Word, Excel, PowerPoint or equivalents).

Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent plus 5 years experience of working with incubators/accelerators/comparable business development organizations or within an academic institution. Entrepreneurial experience preferred.

Scope: To lead all internal and daily operations of the LindenPointe Development Corporation.

Primary Duties:

•Work in partnership with Board of Directors and Executive Director to oversee the overall direction of the organization, create and implement the strategic plan. Participate in all board committee activities and implementation of their policies.

•Serve as the internal leader of the organization, providing oversight to ensure continuity for mission related activities. Provide staff with a strong day-to-day leadership presence; oversee operations and support an open-door policy among all staff.

•Work with the ED on managing the organization’s finances and ensuring financial continuity. Coordinate the annual operations plan and budget, specifically ensuring that the organization is meeting the match requirements and policies of its funders.

•In coordination with the ED and eA Program Director, oversee local fundraising efforts and maintenance of ongoing donor relations, through both direct appeals and grant writing.

•Work with the ED for development of new programs and program expansion in order to meet the overall mission of the organization. Includes implementation of a structured incubation/accleration model.

•Work with the ED to identify and secure state/federal grants and oversee implementation of programs. Includes monitoring ongoing reporting requirements by external funders and/or the Board of Directors.

•Serve as the primary contact for communicating a consistent message internally and externally. Work with staff to ensure quality messaging on social media, website, etc.

Secondary Duties:

• Upgrade human resources functions including: cross training, development, compensation and benefits, employee relations, performance evaluation and recruiting.

• Cordinate with facilities manager to monitor and maintain the current technology and infrastructure on site. •Work with the ED in identification and development of programs/relationships that will generate revenue for

the organization in order to become financially self-sufficient.

• Serve as an intermediary between staff and portfolio companies, vendors or other parties to resolve issues or problems.

• Serve in the community as the primary point of contact for all entrepreneurial activities, talks, workshops, etc.